General Sports Book Rules

  1. BetMGM reserves the right to refuse any wager, prior to its acceptance.
  2. BetMGM will determine minimum and maximum wager amounts per patron on all events to include all periods, segments, propositions, and future book wagers.Maximum payouts limits shall only be established through limiting the amount wagered and cannot be applied to reduce a winning wager amount.
  3. BetMGM mobile wagering application displays real time lines, current odds, and potential payouts when placing wagers. Patrons will be prompted with a confirmation message that selections are correct prior to the selection of the ‘place wagers’ button. Line change notifications may occur at any time during the wager placement process.The system by default accepts more favorable odds and the player must acknowledge or decline any less favorable odds changes.This setting can be adjusted by the player to accept all odds changes for fastest play or acknowledge all odds changes for a more conscientious play. The player has the option to manually opt out of the auto-accept function at any time.
  4. For online wagers, if a patron made an inadvertent bet in patron's account due to an error (e.g., inadvertent multiple identical bets), patron must inform BetMGM within 15 minutes of any bet patron placed for BetMGM to consider appropriate adjustments to be made to patron's account.
  5. Wagers accepted will not be able to be changed or voided by the player upon confirmation of the successfully placed wager.
  6. BetMGM reserves the right to add, change or delete the payout ratio limits.
  7. There are no player-initiated voids of any wager after the event has started.
  8. Wagers may be accepted at terms other than those displayed within the main sports book rules or individual sports wagering rules. Specific stipulations will be displayed within the inventory section of an event page.
  9. BetMGM reserves the right to add, change or delete the BetMGM Sports House Rules, subject to regulatory approval.
  10. BetMGM will not accept the past posting of wagers or wagers on an event where the outcome is already known. In such cases that an error has occurred to accept a past posting, the wager may be refunded.
  11. BetMGM will accept wagers on currently posted terms unless otherwise posted.
  12. BetMGM will not accept wagers from any person who is prohibited from engaging in sports wagering activities pursuant to§3.01 of the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming of Ontario.Persons prohibited from wagering in Ontario include:
    1. An individual under 19 years of age;
    2. Every individual who advises BetMGM that the individual is participating in a self-exclusion process that applies to the BetMGM site;
    3. An individual who is known by BetMGM to have been restricted from accessing the gaming site or playing a lottery scheme as a condition of a court order;
    4. Individuals who BetMGM has reason to believe have been excluded from the BetMGM site under subsection 3.6(1) of the GCA;
    5. Officers, members of the board of directors, or partners of BetMGM;
    6. Executives or staff of a trade union who represent or negotiate on behalf of employees employed at BetMGM;
    7. Employees of registered suppliers who maintain or repair gaming equipment at BetMGM;
    8. Members or employees of the AGCO;
    9. Officers, members of the board of directors, or employees of OLG or iGaming Ontario, unless they are within the description set out in subsection 22(6) of Ontario Regulation 78/12.
    10. An individual with access to non-public information related to an event or an individual who may impact the outcome of an event or bet type is prohibited from betting on any event overseen by the relevant sport/event governing body.
    11. Athletes, coaches, managers, owners, referees, and anyone with sufficient authority to influence the outcome of an event are prohibited from betting on events overseen by the relevant sport or event governing body.
    12. Owners (any person who is a direct or indirect legal or beneficial owner of 10 percent or greater) of a sport governing body or member team are prohibited from betting on any event overseen by the sport governing body or any event in which a member team of that sport or event governing body participates.
  13. Management will maintain a record of all point spreads, odds, race results, final scores and related betting proposition statistics and outcomes to protect both the patron and BetMGM in case of obvious mechanical or human error.
  14. BetMGM account holders are encouraged to contact Customer Service for additional wagering information, questions, and complaints of any such nature. BetMGM will investigate any issue and provide a timely response.
  15. Cancelled events that have either not started or have not met the minimum length for an event to be official will result in straight wagers being cancelled. Parlays that involve a Cancelled event will reduce to the next lowest number of selections.